About Us

Blockchain Innovation Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal to promote awareness, adoption, usage and development of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), with a focus on Blockchain.

We believe Blockchain technology will profoundly change our Information Technology based society into something new. Into something better. Based on Truth and Trust.

The Blockchain Innovation Foundation’s first commitment is to support and promote the Factom protocol and community.
Factom is one of the more mature Blockchain projects, and exceptionally well suited for Enterprise customers.

By helping the development of the Distributed Ledger Technology we believe the adoption of blockchain infrastructures will increase significantly.


Blockchain is secure. This is one of it’s primary characteristics. It uses mathematical algorithms in combination with a peer-to-peer consensus network to create an immutable ledger of transactions that is practically unbreakable.


Blockchain adds Authenticity to any digital data or object that is anchored on a Blockchain by Signing them using secure Private Keys which prove who performed a transaction.


Blockchains should be Public, enabling independent verification of the transactions that are stored on the ledger. This provides transparency to all stakeholders.


The combination of a Secure, Authentic and Transparent infrastructure provides Trust. Trust that is important in a digital world where everyone and everything communicates with each other.

What is Blockchain?

a distributed "database"

Blockchain is best comparable to a database. A distributed ledger with a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. Each block is linked because it contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block. Blocks contain a timestamp and transaction data.

Blocks can only be added and cannot be changed. Blockchain is resistant to tampering with data.

distributed ledger technology

Blockchain is distributed over a peer-to-peer network, that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Each node in the network contains a full copy of the database.

collective consensus

Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered without alteration of all subsequent blocks, which requires consensus of a network majority.

Different blockchain infrastructures use different consensus mechanisms. It is this consensus that protects invalid alterations.

Meet the team


Niels Klomp

Niels is a serial entrepreneur that has more than 15 years of experience in various CTO roles. He has more than 20 years of experience with GNU/Linux, including High Availability, Clustering and (enterprise) software.

He has been responsible for projects ranging from the creation of SMB Linux server/telephony solutions, High-Availability infrastructures, managing hosting servers, websites and applications, to the software development of Online Backup reseller integration portals, Healthcare software and cloud solutions using docker/kubernetes infrastructures.

Currently Niels is the CTO of a startup company, where he is responsible for it’s Content and Blockchain Services API platform. He is also one of the five guides for the Factom blockchain project, making sure the governance is in order and responsible to get the project to full decentralization.



Maarten Boender

Maarten worked as an international marketing manager for an international software company, Orbit Software, Inc., working and traveling around the world. Maarten started, ran and sold several companies. He was very involved in the ECM/BPM market in the last 20 years and became a Blockchain enthusiast in 2015.

Maarten’s focus is on strategy and product management: recognizing trends, identifying their benefits and translating them to software products and functions. Like spotting Factom and it’s great potential in 2015, leading to the first product in 2016: a Proof-of-Existence add-in for MS SharePoint and Office 365.

Maarten is an experienced speaker at events and conferences. He loves to explain new technologies in simple terms and their benefits for users and organizations.




Sebastian Boender

Sebastian is a young entrepreneur and responsible for the commercial and operational side of the startup Sphereon.

He is of a new generation that is used to working within the digital world and sharing knowledge with each other. He believes in co-creation with other companies to create the right solution for the right client.

His aim is to bring new and disrupting technologies to organizations, for these organizations to better their processes and learn from the new emerging technologies such as Blockchain.

As its going to change how we as society are working, organizations need to start adopting the inevitable is his believe.

The Factom Protocol

The Blockchain Innovation Foundation believes in the Factom protocol, which is a platform for building precise, verifiable and immutable record systems.

The network creates a censorship resistant blockchain, where no one party can control the network. It provides a platform where diverse parties can collaboratively publish and interact without relying on a middleman.

Entries into the Factom Network are governed by federated and audit nodes and additionally protected against change using the Bitcoin hashpower. Applications can write an unlimited number of entries into the system on their own distinct Factom chains. This allows applications to read only their own chains of data, while ignoring unrelated data, thus giving developers a scalable framework.

The entries are organized into hierarchical sets of blocks. These blocks are then used to compute for a single hash every 10 minutes. It takes these hashes and anchors them into other blockchains for added security. This design allows applications to write transactions faster, at a much lower cost, and with greater scalability than other blockchains. It also has a mechanism that allows business users to forgo dealing in tradable tokens.

Advisors & Speakers

Blockchain Innovation Foundation aims to share knowledge and promote the technology of blockchain, however we can’t do this alone. We have many speakers and advisors who share our goals. These people have extensive knowledge in their respective fields and have done projects all the way from proof of concept till production. Their goal is also to help promote blockchain and create awareness among organizations to start adopting the technology. We want to help and facilitate you to get in contact with our speakers and advisors… Feel free to contact us!